UDL & Flexible Learning

What role does environment play in a comptency-based approach to learning? This is a collection of tiles that aims to deepen our understanding about UDL & Flexible Learning.

UDL & Flexible Learning: An Overview

What is the relationship between UDL & flexible learning ...& why are we thinking about it?

Flexible Learning + UDL: Advice for Decision Makers

Some elements to consider if your school or centre is moving to flexible learning environments.

Flexible Learning in Adult Education

Why should we rethink our learning environments in Adult Ed? And how does technology figure into the environment?

Flexible Learning & the Renewal

How does flexible learning fit with a competency-based approach?

Flexible Learning & Empathy

Getting started with a flexible learning environment is a fine balance between empathy & program requirements.

A glimpse into the classroom: Flexible Classrooms & Technology

Where does technology fit in the flexible classroom?

A glimpse into classrooms - Students on Flexible Learning Environments

What do students think about flexible environments?