Learning in Stations

As we move towards more active learning situations in adult education, teachers are beginning to experiment with using stations as a strategy to facilitate this approach to learning. This is a collection of resources that look at different aspects of learning in stations.

Learning in Stations

Explore how using stations can maximize teacher student interaction & facilitate technology integration.

Why use stations? Small group instruction.

Stations allow us to have valuable time working with our students in small groups. See why some teachers are starting to experiment with working in stations for this reason.

Stations in Professional Development

Variety, movement, and small group conversations with facilitators can provide a higher impact on professional learning as well as student learning.

A Glimpse into the Classroom - stations and blended learning

See how Lindsay Harrar offers a blend of online and conversation based, active learning activities through stations.

A glimpse into the classroom - movement and variety through stations

One of the benefits of stations is how it incorprates movement and variety into the learning process.

A Glimpse into Classrooms - Students on Stations

What do students think about learning in stations? See what students from three different school boards think about it!