Change in Program, Change in Practice.

A change in practice requires a re-examination of how and why we do the things we do - whether they be in the classroom or in professional learning. Sometimes this kind of change is welcome and other times it is unsettling. This collection of resources takes a look at how practices are shifting in our classrooms and conference rooms.

Change in Program, Change in Practice: Why do PD differently?

Does HOW we do Professional Development affect teaching practice?

Classroom Visits as Professional Learning

Visiting someone else's classroom can be a rich site of professional learning - especially when teaching new programs.

Change in Program, Change in Practice: Teacher Testimony

See how some teachers are doing things differently within the context of new programs in adult education.

A glimpse into the classroom - Shifting to Learning Situations

See how Teddy Shulman is managing the shift to learning situations with his adult math learners.