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Questions for Reflection:

  • Do your students have time to work together and speak to each other about their learning?
  • How do you integrate technology, movement, and variety into your learning situations?
  • Do you consider student feedback on the learning that happens in your classroom? How?

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What do students think about learning in stations?

With a focus on learning situations in our new programs, teachers in adult education are turning to different active learning strategies that facilitate an implicit use of technology and greater student autonomy in their learning

This video is a compilation of responses from students about learning in stations.

The students are from three different Adult Education Centres - Place Cartier Adult Centre in Beaconsfield (LBPSB), ACCESS Adult Centre in Brossard (RSB), and High School of Montreal Adult Centre in the Plateau area of Montreal (EMSB). 

Overall, the response is positive with a focus on:

  • variety in learning opportunities
  • better contact with the teacher
  • conversations with peers
  • movement to break up long class blocks





Learning resources created by the students of: Hilda Smolash (Teacher, EMSB), Lindsay Harrar (Teacher, RSB), Natasha Bellows (Teacher, LBPSB), Avi Spector (RECIT Consultant, RSB), and Tracy Rosen (RECIT Consultant, CSSMI), 2017.

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