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Questions for Reflection:

How can we shift away from delivery of material as our prime source of teaching methodology if that is the only way we experience our PD?

Do you agree that teachers in Quebec adult education are meeting increasing change and challenge in their practice?

Does HOW we do PD affect our teaching practice?


The Reform!

It has been around for 10 years but during 2017 and 2018, it will become mandatory to teach these programmes of study. Both the Common Core Basic Education (CCBE) and the Diversified Basic Education (DBE) programmes are active student centred programmes that focus on the development of competencies through learning situations.

Changing Clientele!

Our learners have been getting younger over the last few years. A growing percentage of learners in adult education are those students for whom high school did not work for many reasons. Our task is to make learning work for them again.

So practices are shifting and it just makes sense that our PD has to shift along with them.

Aspects of shifting PD values:

  • Teacher centred
  • Teacher choice
  • Teacher created
  • Teacher as expert
  • Teacher sharing
  • Valuing teacher time


If we want student centred learning situations in classrooms, we need to experience teacher centred learning situations in professional development.

If you are interested in shifting your own professional development practice, please contact Tracy Rosen or Avi Spector. At all times, technology is integrated in ways that make sense for the learning.

Learning resources for this tile were developed based on presentations by Avi Spector (RECIT Consultant, RSB) and Tracy Rosen (RECIT Consultant, CSSMI), 2016.

If you are interested in seeing the presentation in its entirety, you can find a link to it at the top right of this page or access it directly via Google Drive here (you will be prompted to make a copy on your drive):




All materials are expected to be reused and shared according to this Creative Commons license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0